Editorial Policy

Editorial priorities:

  • Marginalized voices telling their own stories;
  • Anti-oppressive coverage;
  • Rooted in social justice;
  • Issues and perspectives that are not featured in mainstream news;
  • National mandate to represent regional diversity;
  • Storytelling and actuality that provides facts within context;
  • GroundWire does not provide space for editorials or commentary;
  • Main focus is up-to-date community news.

In each edition, GroundWire aims to cover at least 4 of the following priority bureaus:

  • Labour and Worker’s Rights;
  • Indigenous Perspectives;
  • Migration, refugee and newcomer issues;
  • Student affairs;
  • Environment, Agriculture, Alternative Economy and Sustainability News;
  • Women and Equality;
  • Queer and Trans Voices;
  • Prison justice reporting;
  • Race and Equity focus;
  • Poverty and Homelessness focus;
  • Disability/Accessibility issues;
  • Pro-Peace reporting.

Editorial Policy:

NOTE: This editorial policy will allow GroundWire to explicitly address what it means to provide national community news. The policy will be periodically revisited, ideally at the a face-to-face Steering Committee meeting (last updated May 2016).

Balance: GroundWire is not only a counterweight to mainstream news, but a reliable, independent alternative to mainstream news. GroundWire provides balance to listeners, by focusing on underreported communities and stories not heard in corporate or public radio. GroundWire content is original, alternative and determines its news values independently from other media.

Diversity: GroundWire seeks out a multitude of perspectives and diverse voices, particularly from underrepresented communities and identities. GroundWire encourages self-representation.

Context: Focus content on local issues and grassroots movements. Promote an analysis of the news that will lead to ongoing dialogues and understanding among individuals of different communities across Canada, including providing social justice and historical considerations.

Participatory: GroundWire sources and interview subjects are invited to participate meaningfully in the telling of their own story and given every opportunity to articulate their message. GroundWire avoids the sound bites, sensationalism and over simplification associated with mainstream news. Where possible, GroundWire will seek to train and provide skills to communities to make their own media contributions, recognize the power of the media as a tool for education, and inspire listeners to reflect upon injustice and oppression.

Consultation: The GroundWire coordinator and producing stations will consult on content. If there is a disagreement GroundWire steering will make the final decision.

Sources: GroundWire cultivates sources from within movements and prioritizes primary sources. A primary source is the person or people closest to the issue; the ones directly affected by it. Secondary sources, such as authors, professors, governmental or community workers are used to round out a story that is driven foremost by the voice of the primary source.

Engagement: GroundWire seeks to make the content and presentation of our broadcast accessible to the widest audience possible. We engage with listeners and encourage feedback.

Language: GroundWire is for an English-speaking audience that encourages contributions in other languages. Where possible, interviews, narration and actuality will be featured in languages other than English, with English translations running over the original language. Bilingual reporters are encouraged to reflect the stories of their own linguistic communities. It is the reporter’s responsibility to provide a text translation or find a translator who can provide one. The producing station will provide voice over narration for the translation. GroundWire is committed to featuring Aboriginal languages as often as possible.

Integrity and Accuracy: GroundWire is responsible to our listeners and to our interview subjects to be as accurate as possible in our reporting. We encourage journalists to orient themselves to the facts as defined by the communities they are reporting on, and due diligence will be practiced. We will present facts that we are certain of.

Ads and Sponsorship: No provision for advertising will be included. GroundWire Steering Committee may pursue show sponsorship with partners who reflect Ground Wire’s mandate and goals. Where GroundWire is sponsored or funding by an organization, that group’s staff will not be featured as sources for the duration of the sponsorship.

Anti-Oppression: GroundWire actively opposes all forms of discrimination by encouraging inclusive space, both internally amongst members, and externally in all aspects of GroundWire production.