Summer Job: GroundWire is hiring a student worker (deadline extended until filled).

GroundWire is produced and distributed by an experienced team of community radio news volunteers. The national coordination team is seeking new members, of all experiences, who would like to join in the collaborative production of Canada’s only syndicated community radio news program. CLICK HERE for details.


Submit your community news programming for syndication on GroundWire. We are always looking for news from underrepresented communities and grassroots initiatives in Canada. We accept pitches in the following community news formats:

  • HEADLINES: 30 to 90 second scripted stories with at least one actuality (sound clips).
  • COMMUNITY RADIO REPORT: 3-minute feature exploring developments at a non-profit radio station or within the sector as a whole.
  • FEATURES: 3-minute to 5-minute and must include more than one voice (should be a primary source) and at least 2 unique viewpoints or opinions on the issue being discussed.

We accept programming related to any of GroundWire’s Priority Bureaus (LINK) and following our Editorial Guidelines (LINK). The GroundWire National Coordination Team is ready to assist with editing your community news and public affairs programming into headlines or features.

Credit: Prometheus Radio Project

COLLABORATIVE news produced by and for community radio stations since 2008!


Are you looking for a fun and hands-on way to build community news skills at your radio station? Host a GroundWire episode and join the participatory production process!

Our coordination team facilitates the collaborative production of GroundWire among non-profit radio stations and community news producers across the country. Hosting an episode will give your volunteers the opportunity work with a highly skilled news team and a national network of stations and producers. GroundWire coordinators are also available upon request to provide community news production workshops that offer skills in portable recording, digital editing, news script writing and recording, audio restoration and mastering, uploading audio, recording phone interviews, and producing a community news headline or feature. Contact GroundWire’s National Coordination Team for more information: