GroundWire is a 29-minute news radio program featuring headlines and reports from the community radio sector in Canada. The program aims to be a strong, reliable, high-quality newscast, engaging the audience with geographically and culturally diverse features that address issues of interest to specific communities as well as to a national audience.

GroundWire balances grassroots coverage of local stories with progressive perspectives on national and international issues. Voices of people living in Canada, or Canadians living and working abroad, are a priority.

GroundWire works to encourage self-representation from diverse communities in Canada, Quebec, and in Indigenous nations, and features music from underrepresented Canadian artists.

GroundWire is produced collaboratively by independent and community radio producers. The show airs on tens of radio stations across Canada, and is also distributed online through various media sites. See list of stations and sites here: Stations Carrying GW (LINK)

GroundWire aims to connect diverse communities that take part in community radio programming all over Canada by featuring community news stories that are local, regional and national in scope and that share an ethic of human rights activism, equity, labour rights, democratic communication and information exchange, and progressive political and social policy.

GroundWire also works to cultivate the capacity of non-profit, community radio sector by holding conferences and trainings to exchange knowledge concerning news programming skills, practices, and policies.

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To reach GroundWire’s National Coordination Team, email: groundwireprod@gmail.com

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